How much CBD to give your cat is determined by their size as well as the product you're using. If you're wondering how much CBD oil to give cats, know that they tend to be more sensitive to CBD than dogs and they'll require a lesser dose.

Give your cat 1-5mg average dose of CBD per 10lbs of body weight or check out our helpful dosage chart for NaturwellCBD pet oil, below. 


Many pet-owners have expressed their concerns about how to give CBD to cats . Cats are generally known to be more picky than dogs, which can bring on its own unique set of challenges when dispensing CBD oil to them. Sometimes a cat’s particularities can cause administering CBD oil to be a difficult process, so we’ll offer a few tricks our customers have shared with us on the best ways to give cats CBD oil.

CBD Pet Oil Administration:

  • Add to food and treats.
  • Squeeze directly into your pet’s mouth

CBD Pet Oil Dosage:

CBD Dosage For Cats

Pay attention to your cat's temperament and mood and adjust your dosage accordingly. You should see a change in your cat's behavior within an hour. If not, you may want to give your cat a little bit more CBD oil and continue to keep a close eye on them.

With the right dose, your feline friend won't feel lethargic, just visibly more calm.


  • If you have a curious cat, hold the CBD oil dropper up and allow them to lick while you squeeze the dropper. Clean the dropper before placing it back inside the bottle.
  • Dabble some CBD oil on your cat’s paw. Your cat will likely scurry off and proceed to clean their paw, mission complete!
  • CBD oil is known to work much quicker when administered on its own. Before feeding your cat, add a few drops of CBD to your cat's empty food bowl for quick effect. 
CBD Dosage for Cats


Will CBD get my pet ‘high’?

Absolutely not!  NaturwellCBD pet oil and treats do not contain the chemical THC, which results in a ‘high’ feeling. With that being said, CBD effects each animal differently. CBD can make older cats act more spunky and anxious young cats feel calm. Hemp has a unique ability to calm the central nervous system, resulting in an internal balance that provides your pet with peace of mind and simple bliss.

Could my cat overdose on CBD?

No, your cat overdosing on CBD is extremely unlikely. At worst, a high dosage of CBD will cause your cat to become very sleepy.

If my cat is already taking medicine, can they take CBD?

They could, but we would recommend speaking with your veterinarian before adding CBD to your pet’s wellness regimen.

How often can I give my cat CBD?

As often as needed! CBD is a completely natural option and fine to give to your dog as often as needed for pain or stress-inducing situations. Be sure to monitor their behavior closely and to avoid giving your pet too much over a 12 hours.

Is CBD safe for cats?

Yes, in the right dosages, CBD is safe for cats. However, it's important to do your research when choosing a CBD for cats because they're known to have particularly sensitive stomachs.

Can I give CBD oil to cats on empty stomach?

CBD oil has the quickest and strongest effect when administered on its own, so either give your cat CBD 15 minutes before eating, or at least 15 minutes after eating. If your cat is picky and will not go for CBD on its own, add to their food or a treat. Be mindful of your initial CBD dosage if your cat is known to have a sensitive stomach.