How much CBD to give your dog is determined by their size as well as the product you're using. Pay attention to your pet's temperament and mood and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Calculate how much CBD to give your dog by using the following dosage equation:

0.2mg CBD per pound | 0.2mg x 25 lbs = 5mg

1ml = 16.8mg CBD | 5mg/16.8mg = 0.3ml

Feel free to utilize our pre-calculated charts belowthat include dosage for both NaturwellCBD Pet Oil 500MG and NaturwellCBD Hemp Treats. Note, NaturwellCBD Pet CBD oil comes with a marked CBD oil dropper for accurate dosage. 

Dog with CBD dog treats and CBD Pet Oil


Add our easy-to-use drops to food and treats or squeeze directly into your pet’s ear or mouth. Be sure to read the label of whichever product you choose and use our handy weight & product guides.

CBD Pet Oil Administration:

  • Add to food and treats.
  • Squeeze directly into your pet’s mouth.
  • Rub on itchy paws or injury sites.

CBD Pet Oil Dosage:

CBD Dosage For Dogs


Horses are athletes, they can suffer from muscle aches and pains. When this soreness is left untreated, recovery time can take much longer than it needs to or cause other issues as your horse begins to compensate for their soreness. 

Our CBD Horse Massage Oil targets inflammation, joint pain, allergies, arthritis and more!

CBD Dog Chews Administration:

  • Reward your furry friend with a treat.
  • Crush and add to your pet’s daily meal.

CBD Dog Chews Dosage:

CBD Dosage For Dogs


There are a lot of different factors that will determine how long it takes for CBD to work for your pet, including: age, weight, activity level, and so on.

Also, the product you're giving you dog will effect how long it takes to work. Sublingual CBD (under the tongue) with CBD oil is the fastest way to address your pet's symptoms. Whereas, pet chews & treats can take at least 45 minutes to pass through your pets system and begin working. 

Some animals have a more sensitive system that will cause a stronger reaction to CBD. This is why it is always wise to start out with lowest recommended dose of CBD possible and slowly work your way up while always monitoring your pet’s behavior until you find the perfect dose.


Yes, We receive a lot of feedback that owners notice the effects of CBD immediately, sometimes within an hour of their first administration. But if this isn’t the case, it could take between 3-7 days to notice positive effects. After your dog has adapted to CBD, slowly increase the dose until you observe the desired results.

Most importantly, always maintain consistency. The benefits of a fully functioning endocannabinoid system aren’t experienced right away. Over time, consistent supplementation will stimulate your dog’s endocannabinoid receptors, the mechanisms that support a better functioning endocannabinoid system, promoting the mental and physical health of your pet on a consistent basis. 


Before we dive into the specifics, here are the important factors for you to consider in CBD dosage for dogs:

  1. Dosage depends on the type of product: Capsules or Treats.
  2. Follow the instructions on the label of the product you're purchasing
  3. The size of your pet matters
  4. Your pet's ailment matters
  5. CBD is non-psychoactive
  6. Monitor your pet's behavior
  7. Buy CBD for Pets from A Reputable Brand


Will CBD get my pet ‘high’?

Absolutely not!  NaturwellCBD pet oil and treats do not contain the chemical THC, which results in a ‘high’ feeling. With that being said, CBD effects each animal differently. CBD can make older cats act more spunky and anxious young cats feel calm. Hemp has a unique ability to calm the central nervous system, resulting in an internal balance that provides your pet with peace of mind and simple bliss.

Could my dog overdose on CBD?

No, your dog overdosing on CBD is extremely unlikely. At worst, a high dosage of CBD will cause your dog to become very sleepy.

If my dog is already taking medicine, can they take CBD?

They could, but we would recommend speaking with your veterinarian before adding CBD to your pet’s wellness regimen.

How often can I give my dog CBD?

As often as needed! CBD is a completely natural option and fine to give to your dog as often as needed for pain or stress-inducing situations. Be sure to monitor their behavior closely and to avoid giving your pet too much over a 12 hours.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Yes, in the right dosages, CBD is safe for cats. However, it's important to do your research when choosing a CBD for cats because they're known to have particularly sensitive stomachs. To best cater to your cat's needs, be sure to request lab results before purchasing pet CBD. 

Can I give CBD oil to dogs on empty stomach?

CBD oil has the quickest and strongest effect when administered on its own, so either give your dog CBD 15 minutes before eating, or at least 15 minutes after eating. If your dog is picky and will not go for CBD on its own, add to their food or a treat. Be mindful of your initial CBD dosage if your dog is known to have a sensitive stomach.