Wondering how to give and how much CBD to your horse? We have the answers!

We were so excited for the opportunity to offer NaturwellCBD Horse Pellets to horses everywhere. It is no secret that our horses go above and beyond for us, and many of them deserve a great big dose of CBD-rich hemp. All CBD for horses on the market are not created equal.

Our horses engage in strenuous activities; from barrel racing, cutting, reining, racing, jumping, dressage, or even trail riding, putting their body under a lot of stress; it's no wonder that horses need CBD.

With it's incredible ability to restore balance and promote inflammatory function, CBD is a great supplement for a horse in need. In this essential guide, we'll cover 3 easy ways to incorporate CBD for your horse.


As many horses large and small alike suffer from age-related difficulties as they develop, CBD has become a choice supplement as part of their daily meal. Horses are much larger than cats & dogs, so we created hemp horse pellets for a more powerful dose to fit their large stature.

The great thing about our CBD horse pellets is that they're easy to use. Just add one scoop to your horse's feed at meal time and let them eat!

The general recommendation for CBD for horses is between 30-100MG per day. 30MG of CBD is a great dose to start at for horses, which is why the scoop we include in every pouch serves this dose. 

CBD Horse Pellets Administration:

  • Add a full scoop (scoop included in the bag) to your horse’s feed daily.
  • Adjust accordingly after one week’s time.

CBD Horse Pellets Dosage:

NaturwellCBD Equine Dosage


Horses are athletes, they can suffer from muscle aches and pains. When this soreness is left untreated, recovery time can take much longer than it needs to or cause other issues as your horse begins to compensate for their soreness. 

Our CBD Horse Massage Oil targets inflammation, joint pain, allergies, arthritis and more!

CBD Horse Massage Oil Administration:

  • Use your palm to gently massage the oil into your horse’s sore spots.

CBD Horse Massage Oil Dosage:

  • Squeeze the desired amount into your hand.


CBD Treats are an easy way to give CBD to your horse and a great reward. They offer an exciting detour from their regular food regimen, so they typically trigger excitement! Additionally, treats are easy - just give your horse one by hand.

Reward your horse with our organic CBD horse treats with 10mg of full-spectrum hemp per chew and human-grade ingredients like almond butter and coconut oil to help your horse maintain physical & mental well-being, joint flexibility, a healthy inflammatory response, and energy production. 

CBD Horse Chews Administration:

  • Use once a day or on an as needed basis.

CBD Horse Chews Dosage:

  • Start with one chew a day. Start low, go slow. 

Your Horse Will Thank You

Our CBD is different from many you may have seen on the market today, we offer a full spectrum, high quality CBD in a larger dose. Remember to always start low with your dosage and go slow. Monitor your equine friend while adding CBD to their daily regimen and be patient!