NaturwellCBD was founded on the belief that we can provide our pets with the same natural organic wellness that we can provide ourselves. Giving our pets a quality life without the side effects from other pain relief and maintenance on the market today. Our mission is to provide the most premium CBD products on the market focusing being able to provide your pets with the amazing benefits that a quality CBD product has to offer. Where other CBD products lack in quality, we excel. We are not in the business of selling a product that provides you with the bare minimum, we hope to be able to show all pet owners the true benefits that a superior CBD product can provide for their pets.

Our Farm in Denmark


Hemp has grown naturally in Denmark since the Viking age, used for food, tools, and clothing. At NaturwellCBD we are both proud and excited to continue this tradition by supporting the growing of our hemp outdoors in the pristine countryside, without the use of greenhouses, chemicals, or GMOs.

Raised on a farm and cared for by the family - we feel a strong connection to our product and the quality we are able to provide. Our crops are slow-grown in the lush Danish Countryside in authentic sunlight with access to pristine Nordic water and fresh air.

Once the hemp is ready, we package it and send it to San Diego, California, where our team can prep our super-powered hemp products.

NaturwellCBD Hemp Farm